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An attempt at optimism February 10, 2009

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I read an article from one of the last few issues of Psychology Today (couldn’t tell you which) that listed ways to cope with *rough days* at work.

Today, I’m terribly sleepy. And rather grumpy. So, I’ve decided to employ one of the methods described in the article in an attempt to lift my spirits.  The method I’ve chosen is to list 5 good things that happened at work everyday. I guess this is meant to help you focus on the positives of work- you know, besides being compensated for every 2 weeks of suffering with a paycheck. Or something.

Well, like I said, I’m tired. So, I say: To hell with optimism. Here’s my list of 5 things that happened today. (Perhaps with a positive spin on them)

1. Today’s ‘light lunch sampling’ from P.F. Chang’s wasn’t ‘light’ afterall and I got to make a pig of myself on high-class Chinese food.

2. I heard from my middle brother today. I ended a call with my oldest brother’s brother.

3. I watched the last half of Wall-E while getting ready for work this morning. I know, I’m more than a year behind everyone else when I say this, but AWWWWW.

4. My father’s surgery has turned out successful, thus far.  And I’ll be visiting him after work.

5. I’m one day closer to getting some King Cake seeing Sam and Bekah!  WHOO!!!

Phew, I feel better.

Sidenote: I pondered the likelihood of humans surviving on the luxury space airliner in Wall-E.  I can’t get past the question: How would humans survive 700 years unless the computers were extracting eggs from the women and sperm from the men and shelling out test-tube babies? ( I know, it’s a kids’ movie, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought about it)


One Response to “An attempt at optimism”

  1. Los Says:

    I still have not seen that movie, but I will eventually.

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