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25 Random Things- as seen on Facebook January 29, 2009

Filed under: This Is My Life — redreesa @ 4:29 pm

1. I have a completely irrational fear of being near windows that aren’t covered after dark.

2. I miss the Army. I would love to do it all again.

3. I like to people watch. And I get pretty mean. But I also believe in Karma.

4. I need a new home for my cat ASAP!

5. I’m a little nervous about driving a moving truck, even if it is only 10 feet long.

6. My cell phone is my pacemaker.

7. My car is almost paid off; Next I’m getting a motorcycle.

8. Sometimes, it’s painfully obvious to me that I don’t have enough fiber in my diet.

9. I am a Netflix junkie.

10. Sometimes, I wish I could be alone in a room with my enemies cuz I need to just hit something THAT bad.

11. I’ve been chased down by a duck that thought it was a dog. It bit my ankle.

12. I used to have a full sized parachute that I played with in my front yard- sometimes even when I had no one to play with me.

13. I want to go to culinary school, but I harbor a slight fear that I can’t hack it.

14. I remember the most unuseful things about my childhood, but I couldn’t retain Algebra equations to save my life. Or my GPA. 

15. I broke my back in 2007 and now I wake up everyday with pain in my back that far outweighs the pain I had when I broke it.

16. I still haven’t paid those hospital bills.

17. I love to play paintball, even when it hurts so bad I cry.

18. I try to remain neutral to everyone. Not because it’s easier to side with the winner that way, but because it involves less effort on my part.

19. I can’t comfortably stand near a bouncy house anymore.

20. I *sort of* wish I had never developed such a strong taste for beer.

21. I have 2 jobs. The 2nd one is unnecessary, but I’m keeping it because right now, some people don’t have a job at all.

22. I occassionally base my worth on how big my aloe plants are getting to be. Occassionally.

23. I wish I could blog. I really, really do.

24. I work full time for a minor league baseball team and I’ve totally used that fact to my advantage a few times.

25. I used to be the other woman.


2 Responses to “25 Random Things- as seen on Facebook”

  1. carlosolivas Says:

    This is good stuff! I think you are good at it already and am very curious as to where you are moving to and what else is going on in your life. Now that I don’t see you every day every 5 or 10 days (does that make sense?), I gotta keep up somehow!

  2. It’s eerie…so many things in this list I completely identify with. It’s like you could be my sister. Of course, if that were the case I’d have to stop having those Twitter fantasies about you.

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