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Another post about living *on my own* January 14, 2009

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It’s been a year now that I’ve lived on my own (or with a roomie; You know, tomato, to-mah-to). SO hard to believe. I mean, where does the time GO?  And it’s been quite a trip…

There was the brief cohabitation with B* and her boy toy at the time. That seriously only lasted for a month. Whatever happened with whomever, I didn’t care. I refused to move back home. I was determined to live on my own.                        Just because I could.

Enter one busty blonde intern named Kim (my apologies to her if she doesn’t like that description) . Long story short, she and her aunt did me a HUGE favor and let me move in even though I didn’t have the full month’s rent. (But, don’t tell my mom!!)

Well, here I am, almost a year later (perhaps it’s official somewhere around February 4th, but really, who’s keeping track?) and it’s time to move again. This time, though, it’s not because I have to, but because the offer was made and the rent is super cheapo!!  AND- I’m bringing the roomie with me! How fun!!

{{Sad news is that my baby girl Shiva can’t make the move with me. I have a foster mom, but please allow me to insert a plug here that I have an ADORABLE kitty in need of a new home. Feel free to message me at redreesa at yahoo dot com (what few of you that might actually creep over to my blog) for details and pics. Trust me, she’s gorgeous!!}}

Anyhow, I bet you’re all wondering where I’m moving, aren’t you?

Well, come back later for that little detail. I don’t wanna post anything about it lest I jinx the meshing of me, Kim, and the 3rd roomie. Sorry. Kind of.

But seriously, does someone want a cat??

*names have been abbreviated or flat-out changed


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